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Training Programs

CanNRT recognizes the importance of training activities that go beyond academic knowledge and technical skills.

Annual Summer School 

Remote Working

The Annual Summer School is a week-long series of conferences and workshops at the end of every August. The unique, immersive learning experience brings together all CanNRT Fellows, connecting them with 35+ mentors from diverse sectors and disciplines.

The summer school offers Fellows a comprehensive overview and understanding of neurodevelopmental conditions, including autism, while supporting them in their career development.

*Acceptance into the program is conditional on attending the Annual Summer School. The 2024 Summer School will be held virtually August 26-30, 2024.

Join a qualified, diverse community
of learning, research and engagement 

Entry Award

The CanNRT Fellowship comes with an enrollment award valued at $20,000-48,000 CAD depending on career stage (graduate, post-doctoral fellow, professional). 


The one-year award can be held during any period of enrolment (up to 3 years; starting September 1st orJanuary 1st).


* Applicants who hold a competitive federal or provincial fellowship are encouraged to apply but must decline the entry award if their external award period coincides with the 3-year term of this program.

Trainee Leadership Award

Screenshot 2023-04-19 133719.png

In addition to the CanNRT Entry Award, the CanNRT Trainee Leadership Awards are supplementary awards ranging from 10,000 to 20,000$ per year for trainees who make significant contributions through their direct involvement in CanNRT's projects or by serving on its various committees and workgroups.


Trainees must be supervised by CanNRT Platform Leaders. These awards are designed to enhance trainee engagement in the strategic directions of the Platform.

CanNRT Prizes

Screenshot 2023-04-19 134419.png

Every year, CanNRT will award 10-12 one-time prizes of $50-$100.

CanNRT Prizes enhance trainee visibility across the network, for example at the Pre-Insar Blitz, the Annual Summer School, etc.

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