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Whether they're interested in cognition, clinical studies, imaging or knowledge translation,

CanNRT is looking for exceptional trainees across disciplines conducting research in autism and related conditions.

Each year, the Canadian Neurodevelopmental Research Training Platform enrolls and trains a new cohort of CanNRT Fellows, offering them a multitude of opportunities and benefits.   

CanNRT Fellows


Who Can Enroll?

Canadian or foreign graduate students or post doctoral fellows enrolled in a Canadian university at the start of the fellowship.

The applicant must conduct research relevant for neurodevelopment and associated conditions, e.g., genetics, cellular and animal models, cognition, brain development/imaging, neuroscience, intervention.  Multidisciplinary, innovative and translational research is encouraged.

Applicants who currently hold a fellowship from a federal or provincial governmental organization may apply to the program to benefit from CanNRT activities without receiving a CanNRT fellowship. It is however possible to receive supplemental funding from other sources.

“I am originally from Spain, and CanNRT has allowed me to develop and expand my network here in Canada. I get to grow alongside remarkable fellows and have access to top researchers in various fields."
Maria Isabel Carreño-Muñoz
Postdoctoral Fellow, Université de Montreal


We want to empower learners to become change agents in science and in other sectors where critical capacity is lacking.

CanNRT offers a collaborative training environment that supports sustainable and equitable pathways for Canadian early career researchers through multidisciplinary cross-sector learning, mentorship and connectivity.

University Students

Entry Award

Taking Notes in Classroom

Annual Summer School

An immersive one-week intensive learning and interactive environment bringing together all Fellows with mentors from diverse sectors and disciplines.

Conference presentation

Training Passport

Flexible support to maximize engagement in activities tailored for each Fellow’s career development, up to $2,000 CAD per year.

Collaborating at Work

Networking Opportunities

Platform trainees, faculty and members mingle and discuss their research at various annual networking events organized at major conferences (e.g. INSAR, CAN, SfN).   

The CanNRT Fellowship comes with an enrollment award valued at $20,000-48,000 CAD depending on career stage.

Training Passport


The Training Passport offers trainees flexible support to maximize engagement in activities tailored to each Fellow's career development. Successful applicants receive up to $2,000 per year/trainee for their choice of activities, including but not limited to:

  • Organizing 1 or more trainee-led workshops in an area of interest to the trainee(s), in collaboration with their peers and supported by the CanNRT team.

  • Presenting their work at local, national, and/or international  conferences.

  • Contributing to wider community engagement and knowledge translation.

  • Being active & visible across all CanNRT activities.

2022 Fellows

Meet our 2022 

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